Happy Days Preschool

Snack Policy

Peanut-Free Snacks
Snacks are provided by the parents on a designated day each month. Every two months you will recieve a new month snack schedule with your designated day highlighted. The school will provide all the cups, napkins, and drinks (lemonade or water). If you forget your snack or your child is sick, we always have back up snacks, but ask that you send in a replacement snack later. SNACK OPTION: You can choose to pay $5.00 a month to have the school provide the snack for your snack days.

Companies/Products that are peanut safe are listed below. Please only send in the brand of snacks listed. It is still necessary to send only sealed boxes or bags; so the teachers can still check the labels.

Conscientious Companies and Snacks:
  • Rold Gold: Pretzels (One Bag)
  • Wavy Lays: Plain Chips (One Bag)
  • Tostitos: White Corn Small Round-Bite Size (One Bag)
  • Pepperidge Farm: Goldfish- Origional or Pretzel Only (One Bag)
  • Nabisco: Teddy Grahams- Honey, Chocolate, or Chocolate Chip (One Box)
  • Nabisco: Graham Crackers (One Box)
  • Nabisco: Plain or Whole Wheat Ritz (One Box)
  • Nabisco: Original Wheat Thins (One Box)
  • Sliced Seedless Grapes (Sliced 1/2 and in individual zip lock bags)
  • 10 Bananas (we will cut them)
  • 7 Apples (sliced and in a zip lock bag)

Birthday Celebrations
Due to allergies and other health concerns, birthday cupcakes are not allowed. Your snack on your child's birthday should be from the list above. Your child's special day will be celebrated by bringing in a "Picture Poster" of your child's first years, his or her baby book, or a birthday memento.
Holiday Celebrations
No Candy or Food is allowed for party days or holidays. You are allowed to send in non-food items for each student in your child's class. Examples: Stickers, Pencils, or Dollar Store items. (Remember Safety First! Nothing too small-choking hazard)
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